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Tea Like Leaves

Feel Free to post anything    Submit   We go about life looking down at the ground wondering who and what will happen to us next...
Isn't it about time that we raised our heads, looked around, and wondered... who am I and where will I take myself next? This where it begins!

back to reality

I decided to reunite with this blog for a reason. the reason being to let tumblr people know about my summer of 2012. As well as keep myself informed about all the craziness that will occur on a daily or weekly basis. 

I am also updated my other blog call A New Leaf at 

More recent update will end up there instead of here, but I will try and keep this updated as much as possible. 

So it begins! 

— 2 years ago
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Spend a night to yourself! I did. It’s something worthwhile. This is what you can do since I did and it worked wonders: Mix a drink of cocoa and peppermint schnapps, sit at a table talking to the most important person in your life, go back to your room and have a solo dance party and then settle down to watch an episode of a tv show while you hear the dreary, rain- sprinkled wind howling outside….. well that’s just one suggestion out of many.

Tonight is a night to remember, because it is my own.  

College is sometimes overrated. This is the first weekend back to the good ol’dorm and here I am as a typical college student staying up at this late hour of 1:50am, but I’m without the bumping techno stereo system blaring in the background and the sweaty bodies of wall-to-wall intoxicated people rubbing up against me and spilling drinks down my shirt.  Better safe than sorry.

This is my choice. I had options. But it turns out, I needed time to myself. To unwind and to remember who I am….. A girl who loves the power of words, simplicity, and unplanned events. Unplanned events meaning life. Not just life. Life.  

— 2 years ago
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